Issue building the project - Sorry! Perhaps I should have put it under issues instead of discussions!

Aug 21, 2013 at 8:54 PM
First, let me thank you for the wonderful work here!

Hi, I just downloaded OSM2MSSQL-31165 and tried to build it in visual studio 2012. I get the following error for every project"

Error 1 The command "C:\Users\moradi\Downloads\osm2mssql-31165\osm2mssql\subwcrev.exe C:\Users\moradi\Downloads\osm2mssql-31165\osm2mssql\osm2mssql.OsmDb2012. C:\Users\moradi\Downloads\osm2mssql-31165\osm2mssql\AssemblyInfo_Template.cs C:\Users\moradi\Downloads\osm2mssql-31165\osm2mssql\osm2mssql.OsmDb2012\Properties\AssemblyInfo.cs." exited with code -1073741515. osm2mssql.OsmDb2012

What am I doing wrong? This is my first experience with VIsual studio 2012. Have the old version of OSM2MSSQL working in Visual Studio 2010